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Geographic Salary Differentials

ERI’s Geographic Assessor is cloud-based software that provides easy access to geographic salary differentials. Use cost of labor differential data to set branch office salary structures, calculate adjustments for cost of living differentials, and more.


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Compare cost of labor and cost of living between two areas

Select any geographic area as a location to analyze including a national average, state, city, or user-defined area. Compare labor and living expenses across locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. Export comparison tables to Excel and PDF.

Combine multiple areas to create user-defined regions

Compare cost of labor and cost of living between metro areas or cities within commuting distance by combining multiple areas into user-defined averages. Compare these averages with one another and with single cities for precise analyses.

Compare salary differentials for multiple cities at once

Calculate cost of labor values for six adjustable earnings levels or midpoints at once, a useful feature for setting branch office salary structures. Compare differentials among selected locations and with the selected base location.

Compare cost of living among multiple locations

Compare salary differentials for multiple income levels and locations at once. Contrast cost of living for multiple earnings levels in up to 1,000 cities at a time as compared to a base area such as a headquarters or a national average.

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Compare Geographic and Cost of Living Differentials

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